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Vote Eriq Glenn 
At - Large Position 1.

Real Plans - Real Progress

Welcome to the official
campaign website of Eriq Glenn for

At - Large Position 1!

We're excited that you're here. Together, we have an incredible opportunity to shape the future of our city, to work for safer neighborhoods, faster city services, and real economic development. Our campaign is not about a single person or a group of people—it's about every one of us, working together for a City we can all be proud to call home.

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About Me


I was born and raised right here in Houston, Texas, and my love for this city runs as deep. It's more than just a place on a map for me; it's the backdrop for countless memories. From eating BBQ at the Rodeo with my brothers and celebrating birthdays at Herman Park with family, to rooting for the Astros with co-workers and friends. This city truly holds a special place in my heart because there is nothing quite like it.


But Houston is more than just its landmarks and events. To me, it's the familiar aisles of HEB, where I've shopped since I was a child; it's the graduation dinners at Pappasito's, where we toasted achievements and marked new beginnings. It's the conversations with neighbors on front porches and the Sunday church fish fry where everyone is welcome. Houston is the warmth of community and the unspoken bond that ties each of us together. This city, with its unique blend of traditions, cultures, and experiences, has shaped my values, perspectives, and vision.


As I step into the political realm, my aim is to represent and celebrate this Houston spirit. The same spirit that's evident in every local gathering, in every shared triumph, and even in our challenges. Together, let's weave our individual Houston stories into a shared narrative of progress, unity, and prosperity. Join me, and let's make Houston not just a place to live but a place to love, today and always.

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Why I'm Running

My candidacy is rooted in a vision. A vision where every Houstonian, whether born here or drawn here, can weave their own tale of opportunity, community, and success. In the Army, I learned the importance of disciplined leadership, relentless pursuit of results, and unwavering commitment to excellence.


As a City Planner, I have worked on various projects to strengthen the local economy, enhance the quality of city services, and improve neighborhood safety. With your support, I aim to champion the voices of our neighborhoods, making certain that their insights and needs drive the decisions we take at the council level. Together we can ensure that the Houston we pass onto the next generation is even more vibrant, resilient, and prosperous than the one we know and love today.

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